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Walking with mom by AlviaAlcedo Walking with mom :iconalviaalcedo:AlviaAlcedo 1,442 50 Hades and Persephone by dashinvaine
Mature content
Hades and Persephone :icondashinvaine:dashinvaine 224 26
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Water Pressure
My limbs shake and it’s all heavy heavy heavy
somewhere, the surface molecules want me to rise.
Lungs like burning stars are my only hope now,
fractured light in the water is my only guide.
Above the deep blue, a bright, beckoning spectrum
of colour and life beams as clearly as day.
Let this darkness dissipate and let bursting sunlight take its place.
Move oceans and let sadness fall away.
:iconbonfirelights:bonfirelights 7 2
Zodiac Arrows by Picolo-kun Zodiac Arrows :iconpicolo-kun:Picolo-kun 12,144 672 The Infamous Cabal Brothers by AgarthanGuide The Infamous Cabal Brothers :iconagarthanguide:AgarthanGuide 22 3 Johannes Cabal the Necromancer Linup by AgarthanGuide Johannes Cabal the Necromancer Linup :iconagarthanguide:AgarthanGuide 25 6
soft piano arpeggio, dancing violins
only a note
I stood
in a clearance,
wide-open woodlessness
with the wind
at my curved back.
there --
lupus eyes
frozen in the dark slivers
between gnarled wood;
when I turn
they'll get me
swifter than
those fighting
along the stone
and dirt.
claws in my chest
teeth at at my neck
growl in my throat
scream between my teeth
and slipping on my tongue,
dripping out
who knew blood
could be this slick
and gushingly gone?
I didn't know
I had this starved gurgle
in me;
I didn't know
I could be so viciously
consumed --
and in knowing, 
I do not
:icon0hgravity:0hgravity 62 22
The scent of longing
in this glass -
and your skin,
petals rubbing raw;
the sound of water
on the glass-
your face turning away
as you lick your lips
and my tongue
traces wine
across your hips.
That hush of want
disappearing in the soft crush
of morning gone astray.
:iconpoetrymann:Poetrymann 62 15



loneliness has never been as sweet as you make it be
shut in behind your high walls, no one or the world can see
how you sit isolated, cut off from them... and from me
I crawl to you and beg you, try to persuade you: please flee

though I try not to show your silence has me affected
I scratch at doors and windows, am shut out and rejected
the harder I fight in, the more attempts deflected
willing to give up, my love, your shields are now perfected
Dec 4th - The Cuaderna Via
DFC 2016

Honestly, I don't quite know where this was headed until I finished it, so... eh, but could have also ended up worse. I got to try ot the form and that is what counts.

The Cuaderna Via
The Cuaderna Via is a medieval Spanish form from the 12th century, and it introduced syllabic verse to Castillian poetry. It features monorhymed quatrains (aaaa, bbbb, etc) with 14 syllable lines. These lines are separated into two hemistitches (halves) of 7 syllables, with a pause (caesura) between the halves. This form is strict, syllabic count is paramount, as is the rhyme scheme. No half rhyme, assonance or consonance. It needs to be true end rhyme.
violin in its case; forgotten
broken strings and unresined bow
songs once played faded away
away with tunes - long ago
darkest corner of the attic
behind other memories hidden so
door cracks open, blinding light
corner still dark in shadow
Dec 3rd - The Lueshi
DFC 2016

It's not my favorite form and I found it hard to come up with a theme, but in the end it didn't work out too bad. Inspired by taking a look at my violin lying next to me and feeling guilty about not having practiced yet, hehe.

The Lüshi
The Lüshi is a Chinese regulated form. It has eight lines and specific word restrictions. There are two common types of lüshi which dictate how many characters/words are in each line: the wulü lüshi (five characters), and the qilü lüshi (seven characters). There is also a six character lüshi form which is rarely used. Characters in this context refer to number of words rather than syllables. All lüshi forms monorhyme on the even lines (abcbdbeb). The first couplet sets up the piece, middle two develops it, and final couplet concludes. Middle two should have some mirrored elements/words in them. Caesuras (pauses) are used to separate different phrases.



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for all those who care and wonder:
In the next few days I'll be uploading a lot, cause I didn't finish uploading all my Napowrimo stuff and even some stuff from December (oh dear). Yeah, so that might take one day or maybe two.



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I love to write. Stories, poems, song texts... Combined with my music (singing and violin) it is somewhat the base of my life.
(I also enjoy drawing and sometimes illustrate my written work. But those things don't go here. They stay with me.)


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